Need Guidance

Okay guys i need some help please!

I am reasonably new to Arduino and I want to build something on these lines:

I was going to buy the teagueduino Kit but its not available so I need something easy to work with but can do what I need.


This is what i was thinking of getting. Is it a good choice? I will use the Ardublock program because its easy to use.

Thank you :slight_smile:

haha! funny thing! never seen something like this before! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

i have the starter kit, that you want to buy. i think its a great start with arduino: you have a lot of things you need (one servo, one motor).
but be careful:
1.) if you havnt build anything with arduino or a similar product, perhaps you should choose something easier to build first?!? i think this analog-mario-game is not a good project to start with!
2.) if you want to build the mario-game exactly as it is, you need 3 servos and maybe a bigger motor, then the motor from the starter kit.

good luck!

I know its not the easiest Project out but i have experience with similar things, And Yes I will need a new motor, servos and a magnetic sensor to make it all work.
My main concern Is weather the Processor I choose will run everything and what are the best programming options as I'm a bit rusty.

Thank you :slight_smile:

This is really cool. I would like to know how to build this as well. I'm going to look into it some more. I'll post back if I find any more information.

Can you let me know if you get all the parts so I know what works?

It actually looks kind of easy.

Will do mate :slight_smile:
yes since it uses the teagueduino Kit its pretty basic! my one will be using a little care instead for Mario but the same principles apply.

So he's driving the belt with a continuous rotation servo on the right side, but what is the part on the left side? It looks like another motor but I can't tell.

Its using a motor to control the belt and a servo to control Mario and another servo for the box lid.

this video shows the inside at the end.

I saw that video and he points out the continuous motion servo on the right, but there is another part on the left, at the other end of the continuous motion servo. That's the part he doesn't mention and I thought it might be another motor, be he didn't explain it.

It looks like to me the game starts, because there is a magnet attached to the string/cover. So when he pulls the string the magnet comes off and that's how it starts. I wasn't sure about that either.


It looks like just the support for the other side of the belt to keep it in place. There are no wires coming off it and later in the video it looks hollow And I thought it was a light sensor in the box that started it up.

When he pulls the string, you can see that the front flap "pops" off the box, like it was a magnet. I have no idea because it doesn't specify how that's done. I know he stated he used magnets on the rest of it, so I just figured that's what it was.

I think a light sensor would work as well. Maybe even an easier idea.

Okay I'm going to buy the stater Kit tonight and i hope it comes next week so i can start putting it together :slight_smile: The only thing I don't know about is getting enough power to the Servos! Will having the Uno R3 plugged into the wall give off enough power?

I don't know, but I know they have a servo shield for the Arduino. You might need that. I just finished with the starter kit, but I haven't done much beyond that yet.

What does the servo shield do? Does it allow more power and control for the servos and motors?

LOL! I have no idea. I just remember seeing them. I think it lets you plug in a lot of servos or control them.

I've only been doing this like 2 weeks.

I just need to figure out the DC motors speed control :slight_smile:

in the booklet of the "official" starter kit it is project 10 zoetrope, where a motor-speed is adjusted by a poti.
its not quite difficult to build it.

Okay :slight_smile: But i think PWM will be the best way for the code to control the speed!

You should use the starter kit box to make it. That would be cool.

Yes I will try! how ever I need a magnetic sensor for it to work with some magnetic tape. I will take lots of pictures as i make it for a step by step guide :slight_smile:

I just ordered a magnetic sensor last night.