Need help for choosing sensor

I'm looking for a movement sensor with a long range and a modifiable angle of detection for a project. The reaction time must be low too (below the millisecond). If someone could tell me which captors I can use for this application and the advantages and the disadvantages of the different sensors, it would be kind . Sorry for my bad English and thank you in advance.

I'm looking for a movement sensor with a long range and a modifiable angle of detection for a project.

I do not think any such sensor exists.

Now do you want to tell us how long is a long range? What are you trying to detect? How fast is the movement? Over what angles do you need it to be adjustable?

Remember just because you want something doesn't mean it exists.

I would like to detect the movement of a animal like a bird to take a picture (don't need help on that point), so the time of the movement would be around 0,1 sec and the angles would be low, the range would be between 1 and 10 m, it depends on the choice I have. I know that kind of sensor might not exists but if I'm looking for a sensor that is the closest to the description. If there is no sensor with modifiable angles, I will look for an other solution but I still need a sensor.

IR motion sensor from a burglar alarm.

They all come with lenses which modify the detection zone. You can get 'corridor' lenses which focus the detection zone into a long strip. Then you can apply masking tape to the parts of the lens that aren't pointing where you want.

A bird will be below the usual detection threshold of burglar alarms but it should be possible to detect a bird reliably, with some work. Read up on how those detectors work and you will see how you can modify them to do what you want.

You know you can buy "trail cameras" which do all of this for you?

Thank you for your response. This is a project for university, more to learn than to do something really useful. I don't see how to use a burglar alarm with arduino since it's not build for it if I'm not wrong, could you explain briefly the principle please ?

could you explain briefly the principle please ?

It works off electricity and has an electric signal, therefore you can connect it to the arduino.

A security camera with the right zoom lens and a program with selectable detection zones might be faster. But nowhere near a milisecond (post#0). Maybe 100miliseconds (post#2). Leo..

I'll try it thank you. Hopefully there are people like grumpy who posts really wise and useful answer to help people that needs help...