[Need Help] MySQL with Arduino GSM Sheild -

Hi All,
I 've just started using Arduino ( AT Mega 1280 board) .
I want to use MySQL Database (on localhost) with arduino . I have GSM Shield which receives the SMS , I want to Save SMS data (After some parsing) into MySQL database.
How can i acheive tihs goal?
Need Help.... I'm Stuck due to a little knowledge about arduino and a short time for this project

You will need a connection between the Arduino and the database. One approach is to use the serial USB connection to send the data to an application on the PC which saves it to the database for you. You would need to write/find a suitable application. It would not be hard to write if you're familiar with PC application development. On a Windows PC, that application might be GoBetwino, configured to invoke a command-line utility to execute the SQL statement to save the data.

Another approach is to give your Arduino a network interface and use that to connect your Arduino either directly to the database (if you can find a suitable SQL client library) or via a web app that receives the data via HTTP and saves it for you. This approach would be slightly more complicated but on the other hand you will find examples of this sort of thing in the playground.