Need help parsing an array of comma sepersted values.

I need help parsing an array of comma separated values and storing those values as characters. Here is a short sketch with my attempt and more info in the code comments.

/* This is a simplified problem I am trying to solve.

Given: Object of type String receivedString = "78,128,4";

Find: A solution to save the comma seperated values as type char.

Attempt: First: I transform the String Object into a Char Array receivedStringConvertedToArray[9];
         Second: I try to use function strtok to parse for the first integer before the comma,
         which is 78 but I only get the 7

String receivedString = "78,128,4";
char receivedStringConvertedToArray[9];
//char separator[] = ",";
char separator = ',';
char *token;

void setup() {

void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

void convertString()  // Convert String Object to char array[]
    receivedString.toCharArray(receivedStringConvertedToArray, 9);

void parseStringForIntegers()
    token = strtok(receivedStringConvertedToArray, &separator);

What's the problem?

I believe the problem is that strok is returning an array of chars to token, (token = {7,8}) and the pointer *token just returns the 7 instead of 78?

I’m not exactly sure of these things, still trying to get a good mental grasp on pointers, pass by reference, and the c++ nomenclature…