Need help with Arduino+Blue tooth and Wiimote

Hi guys,

I have no experience dealing with Arduino before but I am really interested in playing around with it and see what I can do with it.

Right now I wish to use Wiitemote to track IR and send the data data back to Arduino by bluetooth, but I am not sure which Arduino board I should choose for this application(maybe one with blue tooth receiver attached already), and how should I start?

thanks for anyone giving me even a slight insight on what should I consider..I am somewhat pretty clueless at the moment, trying to research like crazy

The bluetooth modules currently available for Arduino are simply serial over bluetooth, meaning that they can be used to connect an arduino wirelessly to your PC. They cannot be used to connect your Arduino to a WiiMote.

A wired connection is much easier and cheaper, using for example this:

I simply bought a wiimote extension cable and cut it in half:

Note that places like (also known simply as 'dx' in the community) and focalprice carry cheap chinese knock-offs of wiimotes that work just as well for most cases, although they don't seem to filter raw accelerometer output, and their blob detection might be of less quality.

Now, the problem with a wired connection is that the blob data does not show up on the external port, so even though you can pump data into the wiimote from the arduino (i.e. time stamps) and collect it at the PC, you won't be able to get the blob locations that way.

I don't know exactly what it is you want to do, but in this case Arduino may not be the best platform. You can consider buying a small embedded device that runs Linux so that it has a solid bluetooth stack.


umm it is a bad news that bluetooth modules for Arduino aren't capable to be connected to a Wiimote.

What I wish to do is to use the Wii IR camera to detect a IR signal and translate the data back to Arduino to process, so Arduino can control some motors to follow that signal....

seems like if I have to do that....I will have to wire the WIImote (or maybe take out its IR camera since its got a integrated processor?) physically...?

Few days ago I was buying this bluetooth modules from Chinabuye company and Its very low price. Now bluetooth modules currently available on this company than you can get chance

the best way is to open the wiimote... unsolder the ir sensor and get the information from it directly via i2c. I've seen that on the web but i can't ftnd back the link.


here :