Need Help With Conductve Yarn (Presure sensor)

hey guys,

i want to calibrate Conductve Yarn (which is act like as a Pressure sensor) with arduino.
conductive yarn resistance is1k Ohm.Can someone Help me out.


You can not use conductive yarn as a pressure sensor.

You can use it as a stretch sensor which is not the same thing.

First of all take your meter and measure the resistance between the two ends of the yarn, and find a resistor that is very roughly the same value. Connect it between an analogue input and the 5V pin of your Arduino if it is a 5V Arduino otherwise connect it to the 3V3 pin.

Then connect one end of your yarn to this analogue input and the other end to ground.

Use an analogRead call to read the value you get and print it out. View this on the serial plotter not the serial monitor. Then stretch or compress your fabric and watch the line go up and down.