NEED Help with ISP, Mega 2560 to mini pro

so I am having some issues... I think... reading online I got the pin outs... Not sure if it is right

I do not get any error when it's done uploading but it doesn't seem to output what I want.

the wiring is below [2560]---[mini pro] [5v]-----[VCC] [GND]---[GND] [30]-----[reset] [50]-----[12] MISO [51]-----[11] MOSI [52]-----[13] SCK

as far as the IDE Version 1.0 have the Tools -> Board -> "Arduino Mega 2560 or Mega ADK" checked have the Tools -> Programmer -> "Arduino as ISP" checked

Tried the code on the mega 2560 and worked fine

Also want to double check the PWM pins for the mini pro are 5,6,9,10, and 11

The code is based off

Are you programming the MEGA or Mini?

At first glance, Tools>Board>Arduino Pro or Pro Mini.........

I am programming the Pro Mini, I’ve tried changing to Tools>Board>Arduino Pro or Pro Mini
now I get the error “avrdude stk500_getsync() not in sync resp=0x00”

Are you sure you have the right Pro Mini in the IDE?

If that doesn’t work, Google your error message. Lot’s of different things can cause that error, and there are lot’s of solutions…

I think it might be a firewall issue. I will keep you guys posted

Do I need a sketch uploaded on the Mega 2560 to use it as a ISP?

Yes. ArduinoISP.

Try a 1uf capacitor between reset and ground on the Mega. This was the only way I could get the Mega to not auto-reset on a serial connection and successfully program another board.

EDIT: Make sure you program the Mega with the ArduinoISP sketch before adding the capacitor.

So I downloaded the sketch from

Changed the heartbeat delay from 40 to 20, still got the same response, tried to add the cap on the mega 2560 between Ground and reset... tried 0.1 uf and 10uf per another forums suggestion. I am still having the same issue.

I've tried changing the baud rate in the ArduinoISP sketch to 19200 per instructable blog

I get a message about expected signature.

I have tried this on two different Mega's 2560 and 3 different Pro Mini's I have change/verified the wiring to match that of the ArduinoISP sketch.

I really do appreciate the help. I am tempted to give this a break for a while.

Thinking of getting a FTDI USB controller instead. is this any easier to use to program the Mini Pro. I found one on eBay for 10.99

Please let me know if this is an easier route.

If you post more details (like the actual error message instead of "message about expected signature") we can probably help you get the ATmega2560 working as a programmer.

Got it to work finally. on the mega I have a cap 4.7 uf between reset and ground... it seems every time I want to flash the pro mini I have to burn the boot loader.

as far as the code on the 2560 I left the delay at 20 and the baud at 19200 as mention in a earlier response.

Thanks for all the help...

Munkeeworks: it seems every time I want to flash the pro mini I have to burn the boot loader

That usually indicates that the fuses (lock-bits) are not correct.

Is that something I can change on a software level or is this a hardware issue?

I am still a new to embed programming

The easiest way to ensure everything is set correctly is to use the Arduino IDE to burn the bootloader.

Hi, Just got my first pro mini and was having trouble using a mega as a ftdi loader when i saw your post. Now, your wiring didn't work for me but this link did.

What it says is Mega pro mini rst - gnd -------- 5 volt vcc gnd gnd rx rx tx tx

Plug in cable and choose pro mini 5 volt 328 as board then click upload and touch reset button on mini when file size appears in bottom window.

This has worked for me so far. Hope it helps.

Ok mega 2560 wired right/correct to pro mini 328, then soft select pro mini328 5V, upload, why press reset?