Need help with soft for 360 degrees servo

Hi guys! Me need your help! :-[ I redid my serv to 360 degrees serv, now details please write software for it, but I have nothing coming out. Problem: the need to serv all time in a standing position and only by pressing a button does turn 360 degrees and then stopped until the next keystroke. Is it possible? For earlier thanks!

Me need your help!

Us need less gibberish. Us need more data. Us need details. Us need code.


Remade serv like this:

Components: - Arduino Duemilanove - HXT900 (now 360 degrees or "continuous rotation") - Button

Necessary: When the button is not pressed (value 0), servo is at rest (stopped) as soon as we briefly press the button (value 1) and release, servo does turn 360 degrees and then stops. That is, for every click on the button servo makes one revolution around its axis and snops. 1 push - 1 turns.

How to do this I don`t know :(

for every click on the button servo makes one revolution around its axis and snops.

You will need more hardware to control the servo, as a continous rotation servo can not tell when it has made one revolution.

Basically... a 360 degree modded servo... stops being a servo and becomes a geared motor... since the feedback gets removed to make it rotate a full circuit. Without the feedback... no longer a servo.

Maybe you really wanted a stepper motor?

Yes, most of all, it turns stepping motor with possibly invent something?

I will attempt to understand your broken English.

The servo motor needs some way to know when it has made one entire revolution. So you will indeed need to 'invent' some way to tell the ardiuno when this has happened.

That is what zoomkat said. A stepper motor will make 200 steps per one full turn, so if you tell it to make 200 steps you know where it will stop- it will have made one full turn.

Just John Sorry, I used translator ::) try to speak more clearly and simply

Apparently I do a little confused and mixed up the servo and stepper motor. Then using the stepper motor a scheme to collect all the same really! You could not help me ...? :-[

in fact it does not matter what kind of motor will be used, it is important that every button he reacted

Have ideas? :-/

sorry repeat: motor must reacted an every push the button...

Yeap I Know... actually I want that motor do complete turn around the axis an every press the button and stops. press button - motor do turn 360 degreess not press - motor stops

but as I understand it will require additional equipment - and it`s hard for me... :-[

I thought about it and decided that I was satisfied with such a scheme: while pressing the button - the motor is spinning, but when the button is not pressed, the motor is stopped.

Is it really? And how realise this? May helps me...?

I apologize... :-[ The fact that I am new to this business :-[ I would be very glad if you helped me and all explained in detail very important for me this project.

Yes, I mod HXT900, this is how: He still has 3 wires, but if it needed I can make 2 :). And i have new PARALLAX STANDARD SERVO and standart DC motor 6V. I do not care with which the motor will run this scheme, the main thing that it was easy and without any additional hardware.

Thanks again for your help, I really count on you!

this problem is still relevant :-[

yes, I know…in this case, the button will interrupt the chain…
but if I use the stepper motor and on each push button, he must make a 360 degree turn?

p.s. Richard Crowley - can`t write you personal message… :-/

ok, thanks for answer...

Yes, I talked earlier: "while pressing the button - the motor is spinning, but when the button is not pressed, the motor is stopped." - it`s version , if version with stepper motor would be difficult...

me need to build this scheme on this controller with one of these variants... Richard, maybe you have own version?

Richard, variant 3 - the best and and it uses Arduino - what I need! [ch1057]ould you tell us about it in more detail, with scheme(picture) and code...? :-[

1) No, this code I have not...or under the code means algorithm? 2) Fits all the above listed...but it seems to me that the best will switch (I can not right) ... need the easiest and cheapest variant.

hm... switch... it turns out, it works only 1 time? but me need to cycle (turn of the shaft) was repeated for every push the button ... then it is better to use the opto sensor (photo - interrupter)?

I'll try again to explain what I need and make the picture ...

I schematically show, the exact connection and the code does not know this I need help ... :-[ On ever push the butt motor need turn shaft on 360 degrees, shaft controled photo - interrupter... and when when the label on the shaft of the motor coincides with opto-interrupter, he stops, but on the next push the button cycle must repeat... something like...

ssory, corrected image... How I can describe it? Just tell, where it will be used? In fact I do not care what components will be used - the main requirement - low cost... This is my thesis project at the Institute :) :-[ I have an idea and thank you Richard, but I do not know how to thoroughly implement it... :-/

I'm afraid that I'm not cope with self-development`s hard for me...can you help me? :-[

is not the case ... I have a ready codes from other projects, but I was not able to finalize, I have no such I ask for help... :-[