Need Print Out & Line Numbers

I often have to take a print out with me away form the terminal. I use the print out to study, debug, and add new ideas. Rev 1.8.16 will show line numbers on the terminal but not in the print out. Rev 2.0.0 beta 11 does not even allow for a print option???? I have read other comments but I really don't understand why I need to jump through hoops and load additional tools just for a vey simple and I believe common need for a numbered listing???

Rev 2.0.0 beta 12 will not run because of a java script problem but beta 11 does.. What am I missing?

Use a text editor that is designed for coding.

Suggestion: Notepad++

I never make hard copies, but this should work:
check Print Line numbers

Correct. There is a formal request to the developers for adding a print feature here:

If you have a GitHub account, you can subscribe to that issue in order to get notifications of any developments.

You are missing that there is no chance we would be able to help you with the problem based on such a vague description.

Please provide a detailed description of the problem and what you were doing when you encountered that problem. Include the full and exact text of any errors or warnings you might be getting.

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