Need to send one variable value to a from 1st to 2nd ATtiny85.

I have two ATtiny 85.

One reads a potentiometer and saves the value to a variable. That value is used in a pulse timer. I need to transfer that value to the other ATtiny.

I could always output the pulse from a digital pin and have the other ATtiny read the pulses and record the time between the pulses but that poses a problem when pulses are slow (1 or 2 seconds apart) because the second ATtiny is supposed to do something in sync with the pulse.

I have never done cross chip communication so I am hoping for a small tutorial. Perhaps a code snipped I can use. I need the simplest solution (not my solution though because of the delay between reading the pulse time when the pulses are 1 second apart) Hoping that I wont require additional parts like transmitters.