Neopixel Compatibility with i2C Receive Event?

Earlier in my project, I ran into issues with neopixels attached to an Arduino that had an interrupt pin event. (apparently neopixel libraries need to disable interrupts)

Do Neopixels suffer from the same problem when using i2c events? In particular, running Neopixels on an i2c slave Arduino?

If you are using some Kind of I2C between the Arduino and Neo Pixel, then the Arduino will be freed of most of the intricate Timing required by neopixels. It should be less prone to having Trouble with Interrupts.

ok, so I ended up switching master/slave around, so now Nano B w/ Neopixels has the onReceive event, and from my tests, it has been working very well so far without any of the issues I had with hardware interrupts previously.

So that's good news. I'll post back here if it gives me any trouble in the future.