Neopixel Ring 24 and Uno R3, Newbie Pls Help


I'm new to this forum and coding in IDE, I recently bough the Arduino Uno R3 along with Newpixel Ring 24 pixel RGBW. My 1st project is to trying and write a code that will light up one LED on this ring then truns it off then move to next till reach last LED then change the color, then do the same till all color and done then repeat itself. Can anyone help ? I have my RGBW RING (24) connected to PIN6 of the Arduino and a separate PW that powers the RING 5V GND common..


Thanks You in advance.

Show us a good schematic of your proposed circuit.
Show us a good image of your ‘actual’ wiring.
Give links to components.

In the Arduino IDE, use Ctrl T or CMD T to format your code then copy the complete sketch.

Use the </> icon from the ‘reply menu’ to attach the copied sketch.

Take a look at the examples that come with the Neopixel library - should be some useful help there to get you started.


I will thank you for the suggestion.


I got you covered been playing with Neo_pixel rings for a couple months now. here is your code!
NeoPixelRing16.ino (1.6 KB)

To turn the pixel off use the CHSV and change the value to "0"

if you want to quickly change colors use if, while and for loops and create an int for H, S, V or R, G, B values.


Thank you for the code, I'll give it a try...


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