New Library Manager submission/update system

I'm pleased to announce that we have created a new system for submitting libraries to the Arduino Library Manager index, as announced here:

The new system is intended to be more streamlined and more transparent. A bot runs checks on each submission to make sure it meets the requirements and will automatically accept it once passing. In the event some changes are needed, there is immediate feedback providing guidance to bring the submission into compliance.

This more automated approach reduces the interval between submitting a library and it becoming available to users for installation from days to hours

Instructions for the new system are here:

We'll still be monitoring the process and providing assistance when needed, just as before.

Something I'm really excited about is that the entire system is now open source:

This means all the code is available for the community to use and contribute to as they like. The validation system can be run locally or in your continuous integration system if you want to ensure your library will meet all the requirements.

Another cool new feature that brings a lot more transparency to the system IMO is that the logs generated by libraries-repository-engine while indexing library releases are published online. So if you are wondering whether a release has been indexed yet, and what the results are, you can load the logs for the library in your browser. In the event there were any errors or warnings when validating the library with Arduino Lint, the full report is included with the logs.

The logs URL for the library is provided during the submission process. You can learn how to determine the URL for libraries already in the index here.

If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, etc., let me know.


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