New member Help

Hi, I am new to Arduino, I have just setup a Tally light for Blackmagic ATEM using SKAARHOJ example successfully, but after shutting down the computer, i always need to upload the sketch then open serial monitor again to be able to use the tally.

Is there any way to save the Sketch on Arduino after powering down so that i do not need to upload the sketch everytime i am about to use the Tally light ?

I am using Arduino MEGA 2560 + Ethernet shield with SD Card

When you upload a sketch to your Arduino board, it is written to non-volatile flash memory. That program will remain in the memory even after power is removed from the board or the board is reset. There is no need to upload the sketch over again every time you restart your computer.

Thank you, But tally fail to work unless upload the sketch again then running serial monitor again