New project LCD

HI all,

I'm completely new on that and i need to connect a keyboard wadge reader (is a card RFID reader) to an LCD. I buy an starter pack with all components i guess it ill be ok for this job.

My question is, all I need to do in Arduino need to be programmed? Or if is just a keyboard wedge will be just plug and play (i don't think so...)?

Anyone knows if is any directory to get some code templates for a similar use? (my programming knowledge is low)

Any help will be much appreciate.

start with the basics.

what parts are your forced to use and cannot use anything else (company provided stuff, or professor assigned bits)

google those parts and add arduino to see if anyone else has a similar project.

in a broad sense. the Arduino is the brain and you connect sensors to that.
the program turns the voltage or signal from the sensor into something useful for calculations.

you use your calculations to make things happen.

so, you just need to know what is being sensed.
what is doing the sensing
what device can you obtain to do the sensing
how to read the signals from the device
construct a mathematical algebraic formula to achieve some results.