New to Arduino, Wireless Button Project

Hi all

Hoping you can help, I am very new to the world of Arduino and I am looking to create a wireless pushbutton device. Can you provide me with a list of hardware and coding. I know I ask a lot :confused:

So I want to create a number of push buttons that if they are pushed they will make the PC think they you have pushed button 1 to 9

so if you think a button would be blue, red or green, the blue one would type the number 1 as if you would press the number 1 on the number keypad. Then if you pressed the red button that would type te number 2 and so on.

I want this to be done wirelessly to a USB dongle if possible so, in theory, this would replace a standard keypad with arcade-style buttons??

Thank you all in advance for your help


For Wireless Shield with USB Dongle. you can try this shield.
For multiple buttons, see this thread:

Teddy said "wireless", if this means "WiFi" then it implies an ESP8266 and not an Arduino shield.

But we really need a proper explanation of what is asked for - what would this button assembly look like, why would it need to be wireless, how is it to be powered, to what are you going to connect the dongle and so on?

Hi so the unit is a PC and projector on the ceiling but the buttons want to be a desk height so if you imagine you have a wireless num lock keypad with a wireless dongle I want to replace that with buttons to press so I can program the buttons to type a letter or number or press space bar



could I use bluetooth instead??

The Arduino end of the project is the easy part. Emulating the HID Keyboard on the PC is another project altogether.

You could use an esp8266 to send messages to eventghost running on the PC. You can set some urls for the ESP to call when button is pressed and then use keyboard plugin to emulate the key presses.