new to programing

I am new to all programing, and decided to start a project that i would need to learn it for, using the arduino. Any body have recommendations on where to start, book and the such. I have gone threw most of the tutorial on the site, but i feel i didn't learn to much about writing your own programs. a lot left out

thanks Ryan

Tutorials are a good place to start but as they are mostly copy/paste with a happy ending it can only teach you that much.

What is it that you want to do with Arduino? Maybe you want to build a small-ish robot, a LED clock, flight simulator joystick, create music or perhaps a LCD mod. Writing software is not limit to Arduino ofcourse.

When you have a certain goal for yourself, you can go out and learn. It may not be as easy as tutorials but from doing your own little projects will you get a lot more experience.

trying to do a led matrix, and would also like to learn about stepper motor and reg dc motor control.

i program since more than 15 years and one thing stays the same ... when approching something new the best way to learn is trial and error.

1.) get a tutorial or any piece of code ... 2.) change it ... 3.) see what happens ...

repeate 1-3 until the code looks more like yours then the original ...

sample: take the flashing led code ... pretty simple now make 2 led's flash ... now 5 (this is were you realize writing the same thing over and over is no good) so you start using arrays for loops and functions ... now make 2 lights flash randomly for a random amount of time ... then do the same with 5 only use arrays ...

this way step by step you will learn more about the software and the hardware. in no time you will want to do other stuff and will sit there and start figuring it out. learning form your own mistakes is the best way to learn ... long live trial and error

and if you are stuck and cant figure it out ... ask us :)

Heh. That was my Arduino “Hello World.”

I took the sample “Blink” sketch, and added a “while…” loop to make it blink four times, pause, blink four times, etc.

(Then for the next act, made button #2 on the prototype shield trigger the blink instead of having it run all the time.)

Think baby steps. I say this for practically every endeavor. Start out small. Get your feet under you. Then you can launch into an ambitious complicated piece of art that you will struggle with for months and finally give up in despair over – but in that effort, you will have poked into enough of the nooks and crannies to now be, basically, competent at the subject.

At which point you can start your “real” first. :wink:

Whenever you feel ready. Just start the project you want to do and learn as you go. Thats how we all do it. If you get stuck ... ask here. If you dont know where to start ... ask here ... It's not gonna be done over night ... but i guess thats ok ...

So lets talk about your project ... except of course it's top secret ::)

nah hardly top secret. wanted to do a led matrix. got 10 tb62708n chips off ebay, when i noticed someone else previous post about them. once they come in im going to build a small circuit and start testing them out. not sure exactly how to wire them up to the chip but ill figure it out when i can put my hand on it all. Also want to learn about driving stepper motors and solenoids. the physical part i can figure out eventually, the programing is what get me all worked up. Would not even being to know where to start from scratch. Going to go over the tutorials again tomorrow i think. Takes time as you say, and im fine with that.