New to this. Will this project work?

Brand new to Ardunio and I have a few project ideas. 1st one is building a setup to help me rebuild fuel injectors. I'll have 4-8 injectors installed on a rail with a common constant power source going to each one. I want to control the ground wire on the injectors and cause them to energize quickly like a fast blinking light.

They will have a cleaning solution pumped to them. So every time the energize the fluid flows through the injectors. I also want to have the ability to energize them so they stay open constantly.

Does this sound doable? I'm thinking I could use a digital output to control a relay.

Relays will not like to be pulsed on and off rapidly. An auto’s ECU most likely uses MOSFETs to fire the injectors. Digital outputs will easily drive logic level MOSFETs to pulse your injectors. How much current does an injector require? That will need to be known in order to pick the right MOSFET for the job.

They use 12 volts. I don't think the arduino can supply the power needed thus why I want to control the ground. I'll check into MOSFETS.

This is a low side N channel MOSFET driver for your injector. Low side driver is preferred because it is simpler and parts are more common.


Very nice thanks

Are you using automotive fuel injectors? If so you might have problems with the coils overheating if you leave them fully energized instead of pulsed. If that is a problem you can add a second MOSFET that also pulls the ground low, but through a power resistor. Some of the current will dissipate through the resistor instead of the coil. Trigger both and then turn off the one without the resistor. Pick a resistor that passes enough current to keep the injector open.