New user need help with DC toy motor and Motor Drive Shield L293D module

Hi all

firstly thanks for reading this tread , I am new to Arduino and electronic in general , do however understand the basic , I want to build a robot so I did my basic research and realise that I could extend my knowledge in electronic and build my first Robot using the Arduino UNO board so I brought this from from the web

did some basic example and decided to jump to a level that is beyond my understanding and I went head and brought Motor Drive Shield L293D from Ebay , the problem is I have no idea of how to connect the basic toy motor to the Motor Drive shield module .

a photo of this is on my google photo account you can view the picture from this link Sign in - Google Accounts]

any support or suggestion would be very much appericated

any basic project site that you have come across please do pass the link on


Each end has 5 terminals. Of the fixe, the two at one end controls one motor and the two at the other end controls a separate motor. (The middle terminal is Ground and is used for some unipolar stepper motors.)

Instruction are here: Motor Shield - Arduino motor/stepper/servo control