No "Huge APP partition scheme" (ESP32)

I recently downloaded the expressif ESP32 library and I'm trying to run the CameraWebServer example. Attempting to compile it results in the following error:

Sketch uses 2529577 bytes (192%) of program storage space. Maximum is 1310720 bytes.
Sketch too big; see for tips on reducing it.

I can reduce this number (192%) to 120% by changing partition scheme from "Default" to "No OTA (Large APP)". Online I've seen people using a partition scheme called "Huge APP", which I believe would solve my problem, but I don't see that option in Tools. Only "Default", "Large App" and "Minimal SPIFFS" (which doesn't work either).

How can I get the "Huge APP" partition scheme option in Arduino IDE?

It looks like this option is only defined for some of the ESP32 boards, so whether it will appear in the meny depends on which board you have selected from the Tools > Board > ESP32 Arduino menu. You can see which ones by searching this file for "Huge App":

I don't know enough about ESP32 to understand whether there was a reason for the author to only add this to specific boards, or whether they just didn't get around to doing it for all them.

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