NodeMCU-32S ESP32 problem

don't know what this exactly means.
Remember posting a picture of your hardware-setup (ESP32 with a

mosfet gate connected to GPIO11 shortening the CS signal
would have been a very important information and would have guided experts to different suggestions.

remember: the bug is hided in the information you have NOT yet posted
so post as much information as possible!

remember if something does not work roll back to the basics
pure ESP32 node-MCU connected to the USB-cable and nothing else

I have already removed everything from my breadboard I purly had only the DHT22. But since was not working I also removed it, so only have my ESP and the USB connected to PC USB port. Nothing else.

I changed the board manager URL the same you have but not work.
I tried several board types but none of them works still have the same issue. Now I am on the dev module:

Some links mention a power-problem. Not sure if this is the case as you can upload the code.
But you could give it a try to use another USB-cable.

Next thing de-installate the complete Arduino-IDE and install it new.

And ordering two additional ESP32 nodeMCUs from a manufacturer that is known to have good quality boards = Not the cheapest chinese one.

It could always happen that you accidently to some kind of shortcut that destroys a board.
So my recommendation is to have two as spare-parts and for cross-testing if a board has a hardware issue.
best regards Stefan

yes, I already played with the USB cable. Some basically not work at all, I cannot even upload the code runs into "MD5 of file does not match data in flash!" error. I have long and short one that works, at least I can upload the code.
But, I was trying I think hundred time to upload the code and check in the serial monitor. Never worked but ONE time not long before. After I uploaded I realized the led is blinking in blue. And the serial monitor also shows the hello world. See attached

After this I tried to upload the code again and not works any more. Again tried hundred times. Pushing the reset button then EN and whatever combination. I was wondering I might pushed the buttons in a combiantion that I have not before. But not works....I am really fed up.
By the way my code is uploaded without pushing the reset (IOO) button during "Connecting". Does that mean that my board can manage it through the software?

Iintentianally I did not buy an old one. This was 25 EUR and bought from a domestic seller not even oredered from China. But of course this still can be a bad one too, does not matter where I bought.

I have a question:

What is so hard for you to post serialoutput as TEXT?

hm 25 Euros for a nodeMCU. This is pretty much.
I have bought three ESP32 from here for a very cheap price but they work all three:

This manufacturer seems to have quality too

best regards Stefan

the only reason I sent in prnscr since you were not sure if I know what is serial monitor. Sending a text instead of the screen shows the evidence.
As requested before any code I will post will format it before I send.

Installed the IDE on a brand new PC. Only set the board manager URL and installed the ESP32 board manager, just USB hooked up with Hellow World scetch and the problem is the same.

BEside the yesterday messages I also get some new one:
flash read err, 1000
ets_main.c 371
ets Jun 8 2016 00:22:57

I have to order a new one or will go with my good R3 with ESP01. Thanks!

Looks like the flash-memory has a problem.
best regards Stefan

Hi Stefan!
FYI, I have received a brand new NodeMCU, the same type as the previous one and works perfectly. So, the prevous ESP32 was faulty that is why it did not work.
Thanks for your support!