Nokia 6610 Display (Gravitech)

I'm working on a project that needs a display. I have a Gravitech Nokia 6610 display that is close to the perfect size.

I needed to run it using six wires, so I wired the VCC, VBL and BL pins together. The display seems to be working fine, currently.

I need to rotate the display 90 degrees left, and display text. It seems that this is possible (Top of page 4, here)

Has anyone had success with something like this?

You can manage rotation via MADCTL with the Philips controller (see page 43).

On the Epson controller (see page 30), I don't believe there is an equivalent command; you'll likely need to handle rotation and mirroring in software.

Awwww.... shoot.

I'm almost positive I have the Epson version.

I gotta keep messing with it. There's got to be a way.