noob - Help with project


I’ve been looking at the Arduino for a few months now, wondering what I could do to have an excuse to play, finally just the thing? Well here goes…

My girl friend has just bought a classic car (very old) which does not have a radio, indeed no console, just a small shelf so modern car radios would be next to impossible to install. In addition to this, the car is not secure (screw driver will open locks) so anything that’s on display is likely to get stolen.

Having considered all requirements (below) I have concluded that the answer lies with the Arduino and a small (2 CH 50W) amp fixed under seat:-

  1. Needs FM Radio
  2. Ideally play iPod through it
  3. Has touch screen for driver safety
  4. Is removable from car due to theft probability

I would welcome any comments or advice the forum could give on this idea.

Thanks in advance,


What function do you envisage the Arduino doing?

Buy a stereo…

I was thinking that the Arduino would control both the radio and iPod via touch screen (probably a Touch Shield Slide). I was looking at using one of these to provide FM radio -, and the iPod being controlled via Tx/Rx using Sketches already available on the forum/web.

To route the audio output i was looking at using reed relays, again Arduino controlled to switch the source - the FM radio possibly being pre-amped but letting the iPod go straight through (iPod audio via dock connector not earphones).

Although the volume on the iPod can be controlled using Tx/Rx? - I think it would be better to control all audio via same control method, Any ideas?


Only wish i could but the car is so old there’s nowhere to mount a ‘cheap’ off the shelf one. And as for vehicle electrics, forget it. The highest rated circuit in the car at the moment is 15A - for most systems you need a minimum of 30 so connecting a modern radio to the old ignition will just fry the loom.

As I said in my first post - old car = no security. Anything bolted down but on display will be a reason to break into the car which is extremely easy. The disappearance of the car radio is not the issue, it’s the damaged cause breaking in and ripping the thing out!