Not writing to SD card

Not sure what’s going on. Looked at tutorials and am failing to see the cause. I’ve checked wiring, formatted the SD card to FAT32. The serial monitors shows a successful initialization and that the data from the clock and analog sensor are fine. Pull the SD card and I show no files on it when inserted into my pc. Sketch below…Thanks in advance.

//Written by Shane Helsel Last update 041319
//Analog air pressure data logger with time stamp. Used to collect differential air pressure
//data for trouble shooting and process improvement in conveying material via air in a pipe.
//Modify delay function to alert sampling rate (time based).

//Pin Layout
//Air Pressure Sensor Pin 1 (Analog out) to A0, Pin 2 to Ground, Pin 3 to 5V
//DS3231 Module SDA to SDA, SCL to SCL, VCC to 5v, Ground to Ground
//SD Card Module Gnd to Gnd, VCC to 5v, CS to pin 10, SCK to pin 11, Mosi to pin 12, Miso to pin 13

#include <DS3231.h>
#include <SD.h>
#include <SPI.h>

File myFile;

int pinCS = 10;

DS3231 rtc(SDA, SCL); // Init the DS3231 using the hardware interface

int sensorValue = analogRead(A0);

void setup() {

Serial.begin(9600); // Setup Serial connection
pinMode(pinCS, OUTPUT);

rtc.begin(); // Initialize the rtc object

if (SD.begin ()) //Initialize SD Card
Serial.println(“SD card is ready to use”);
Serial.println (“SD card initialization failed”);
void loop() {
int sensorValue = analogRead(A0);

//Write data to serial monitor for testing add // to turn off
Serial.print(“sensorValue”); //write sensor value to serial monitor
Serial.print(", “); //column separator
Serial.print(rtc.getDateStr()); //write date to serial monitor
Serial.print(”, "); //column separator
Serial.println(rtc.getTimeStr()); //write time to serial monitor

//Save data to SD Card
myFile =“Air Pressure.txt”, FILE_WRITE);
if (myFile) {
myFile.print(rtc.getDateStr()); //save date
myFile.print(","); //column separator
myFile.print(rtc.getTimeStr()); //save time
myFile.print(","); //column separator
myFile.println(sensorValue); //save sensor value
myFile.close(); //close file

delay (3000); // Wait three seconds before repeating

Air Pressure.txt

No spaces allowed in a file name. Also the SD (file) library may only allow 8.3 filenames.

Add a serial print after the if (myFile) to see if the file actually opened.