nRF24L01 addressing

I am a beginner in the domain of WSN, and I want to understand how to configure the slave’s address.
I found this command line: "const byte thisSlaveAddress[5] = {'R','x','A','A','A'};", but I did not understand what does it mean by: R, X, A., A and A.
Thanks in advance.

The address is just 5 bytes. The bytes can be any value. In Robin2's tutorial he uses the 'T', 'x' as part of the address to say that it is the master (Tx, transmitter) . 'R', 'x' as part of the address to say that the address is that of a slave (RX, receivers). 'A', 'A', 'A' is for the first slave. 'A', 'A', 'B' might be the second slave.

Some tutorials use "00001", "00002". Addresses are 5 bytes and the addresses need to be unique.

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For the receiving pipes you can have six addresses active at the same time,
two of them can be any 5 bytes, five of them have to share the upper 4 bytes (pipe 1-5).

The transfer format of the 5 byte addresses is LSB,
so "apipe", "1node", "2node", "4node", "5node", "6node" would be a valid set of addresses.

Each of these pipes can be configured to listen, to ACK or
to return data with ACK (at most three at a time).


Thanks for your answer, and how many slaves can communicate with the same master ( in the same pipe and one by one)

Basically there are no masters or slaves.
There are stations that send and stations that listen,
any station can switch mode at will.
Normally a station would listen and send if it has something to send.

How many people can mail stuff to a single mailbox?
Likewise, there is no limit to stations sending to a specific address.

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So, the node numbers that can send to a specific address is limitless (there is no limit to stations sending to a specific address) ?


You did not believe me the first time, so how should I rephrase that?

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Thans for your answer. I just wondered if the number of node has a limit like: WiFi (10000), XBee(65000), Bluetooth (8), etc.

No, there is really no limit on the network layer.

You only send to a pipe, only the number of pipes is limited, not the number of nodes using it.
The ACK or ACK data is sent to the same pipe address, not an address that the sender carries.

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Thank you so much

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