NRF24L01+ Frequency Hopping (FHSS)

I am currently writing a chunk of code that will do frequency hopping on the NRF24L01

I dont know what the specs are, but I guess I can do just what I want

Are there any rules or guidelines (simple) ?

My application is not duplex, or even half-duplex, so I am just relying on one-way traffic to give me good results. The rest of my application works brilliantly on a single channel...

Here is what I am looking at....

I will be using 8 frequencies to hop between, each frequency will be maintained for 256ms before changing to the next frequency in the sequence

I have written a sequence sequencer so that the order of frequencies is different each time for 8 changes, then reverts back to the first one again, although I could add to the number of sequences AND access them in a pseudo-random order

The timing sync will come from a control channel (80) which transmits the new sequence data every 2048ms

On the receiver side I am initially waiting for the channel configuration to come from the control channel, and boot the sync timer on reception of the config packet

Channel advance works automatically every 256ms. New config packet will be received after the 8th channel and sync timing is also done

All sounds a bit complex and tricky to follow, bit I am hoping it would work

The 8 channels I am using to hop between are not sequential, they are chosen from the full range as being the 8 channels with the lowest channel noise. I do a bestChannelScan to determine this and bubble sort the data for the lowest results

Any help or advice would be most appreciated, thanks

If it still interests you and if it's not too late, I would have created something that you will probably find interesting.


Max thanks for this, pretty straight forward and great comments. :)