NYC Arduino

Hello All,

I am an industrial design intern in NY working on a project that uses an EcoArduino module. While I am looking for a programmer, I am a designer so I would also just like to know if there are any outlets or individuals to speak to or consult with casually on arduino. Any little bit can really help me and my team out. I was unfortunately unable to attend a recent Arduino meetup, so if there are any other events or casual meetups where I can network with those knowledgeable, I would really love to know.

I dont know the EcoArduino module - cant find much info on it either...

I am on Long Island, and I'd be happy to help where I can. I could also use a little design assistance with a product line I am working on, so we might be able to just swap a few hours and help each other out.

you can email me: paul at thinksystems dot com

You have ignored my responses back to you after you PM'd and e-mailed me to start the conversation.

The EcoArduino sample code apparently refers to a sunflower.cpp and sunflower.h library that is not available for public download, so it will be hard for anyone to provide specific help without being able to compile code specifically for that board and the sensors it purports to support.

Here's an example of it not working

that flower.cpp/.h looks a lot like a class around a 'garduino' sketch I discussed on this forum a few days ago here , similar sketches are discussed more often.

replace the light sensor with a potmeter or so.