A few days ago I asked about converting bitmap to usable data and thanks to your answer I did it.
Here is what I got so far:

(file name: result.png attached below)

I got that from this bitmap:

(file name: sample.jpg attached below)

Now I have another question about my project. Many have told me that image processing is not possible with arduino but I want to do it anyway. I want to extract the letter from the image. I think I should convert the image to binary array then resize it and crop it and then check a few points in the image and with some simple “if” extract the letter. The words I want to recognize are S,H and U with a specific font.
Any one knows any faster and better way?


Any one knows any faster and better way?

Use a faster and better processor.

a lot is wriiten here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_character_recognition

comparing bitmaps (opt as binary arrays) is a good starting point. Work with bounding boxes around individual chars, and skeletize the bitmaps as preprocessing.

discriminate between only 3 chars is relative simple as you can manually pick the relevant pixels probably.

Your images for the security conscious ones who don’t want to click on links: