Old Board (Arduino USB V2.0

Hi. Good Day. I’m computer engineering student and i have a project to create my on arduino board. However, the assigned board to me is the old board “Arduino USB V2.0”. I’ve been searching for its schematic diagram because it is one of the requirement of our professor to start on working on arduino board. The problem is, i can’t find it on internet or even on the official website of arduino. I emailed the arduino but they don’t have it since it was old board and retired board. Is there anyone here help me about the schematic diagram of “Arduino USB V2.0”? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. AGAIN, GOOD DAY. :relaxed:

Why would you want to use such an old design as a source for your own board? There are easily obtainable schematics and etc for newer boards that are essentially identical except for bug fixes and package choices, that would be a better starting point.

If you’re specifically looking for a design that uses mostly through-hole components, dig up the Modern Devices “Bare Bones Board”, or the NKC Freeduino (blush.)

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I’d love to change my board into a newer version of board to easily find the schematic and components. But my professor didn’t allow me. He still insisting and didn’t allow me to change my board.

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