Operation Time for Arduino


I am newbie and am developing a small robot.

If I deploy Arduino Uno on this robot, how long will it last before it malfunctions and dies (non stop operation)?

Also, do other parts like chip (pca9685), wires, led's, motors, power source have a lifetime?

Please advise.


All things have a lifetime. Some more, some less. All depends on the abuse they are given. Human caused failures are the most common.


I think the Google term you're looking for is "MTBF"

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The motors will die long before the Arduino does, and the battery will die long before the motors do.

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Is there a hard time (in hours) to all?

Also my robot would be experiencing rain & moisture. Any idea how do I prevent the chips getting spoilt?

No, of course not.

For rain protection, a suitable cover is strongly recommended.

After an indeterminate period, operation in high humidity environments will cause corrosion and destroy any printed circuit board that is powered, unless the PCB is professionally "conformally coated".

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Mission creep

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Robot suggest movement. I would be much more concerned about the mechanical parts getting spoilt!!!!

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