Optimize PSM with MKR1500

Hello there,

I've been using the MKR 1500 board for some times now on the Orange network in France. I've been able to enable PSM on SARA using the Pass-through sketch.

Now I'm looking for a way to detect on SAMD21 side, if the SARA module is in PSM.

I found a way based on the V_INT pin of the SARA module (see "Host application" on page 37), but when I look at the MKR 1500 schematics, it seems that this pin is not used (nor the RING pin).

Can anyone confirm this?
Is there a alternative way, that could ultimately be used as an external interrupt for the SAMD21?


I think I read that the module does not respond if it is in PSM. So, could you simply send at AT command and if there is no response, it is either in PSM or Power OFF mode?

Yes, sslupsky is right. The AT terminal is unavailable while in PSM. You have to pulse the power_on pin to bring the modem out of PSM. Unfortunately, the Arduino library will not work to do this. See my other topic titled "A simple sketch to send sensor data and sms via hologram without Arduino library".