Out of Memory

I think I am out of sram but i’m really not sure can anyone verify?

Code is attached it was to long to post.

codewfunc2.pde (12.6 KB)

Maybe/probably thats the problem, learn how to use PROGMEM and move all those static strings to flash so they dont occupy any ram.

this gives you a function that can check your ram http://jeelabs.org/2011/05/22/atmega-memory-use/

Too many strings. Either make them shorter or store them in PROGMEM.

I was under the impression that the doubles and floats were taking up the majority of the memory.

I only use the strings to parse the data out of them maybe I could just have one function to read in the variables I need and then set them back to null?

Every variable and strings are located in ram, a string is just an array of chars, so all of your serial.prints(“bla bla bla”) eat 1 byte of ram for each character and that is used for ever.

Wow I had no idea. That solved my initial problem but I seem to have another. Everything works correctly except the m command. When I send that command all the info displays correctly, but it appears that the arduino resets after it completes this command.

codewfunc3.pde (12.6 KB)