package_index.json file signature verification failed all the time !

I have all the time this message when I start the board manager, even if I remove the text in the preference field and restart the ide.
I just updated with version 1.8.1

Many thanks four help.

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Thierry Vorms

I uninstall all the software and re install.
Same problem.
what can I do ???

Many thanks for your help

I had the same problem.

Close the Arduino application if you opened it.

Goto C:\Users[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\

Delete the Arduino15 folder.

Restart Arduino application.

Should work again!

I have a similar signature issue, yet in my case, not on the ‘package_index’ file. Instead I have trouble with the library manager, it remains empty with the following error:

library_index.json.sig file signature verification failed.

I’m thinking this could relate to the following things:

  1. A mismatch between the library_index.json and the library_index.json.sig files as received from the CDN.
  2. Something wrong with the caching of both files.
  3. A lingering, unseen, remnant of a previous install.

I already tried a thorough clean, covering both the Program install and the User//AppData folders (windows), but the issue persists. So it doesn’t seem to be 3.

Unfortunately I don’t know how to manually validate the signature (on manually downloaded files) and thus cannot confirm or deny the consistency between these files.

I did verify the MD5 hash against the cache index. That seems to be fine.

My suspicions are still towards option 1 above, caused by CDN propagation.

Without making any further changes, the problem went away. This could indicate the issue might have been a transient network caching problem.