Paid Arduino Design and Development Contractor Position


I run my company’s IT department and over the past year or so we have managed to put together a nice working prototype of an Arduino based device we’d actually like to start production of.

However, what works in the lab isn’t always best for real world use, so due to the volume and importance of this device, I am hoping to find someone we can bring on as a consultant/contractor to help review our existing design and tell us what might we might need to fix (or replace).

We are located in Philadephia, PA, so if someone was physically located in this area that would be ideal. The hardware the Arduino will be connected to is a fairly elaborate, expensive, and large machine so being able to work with it in person is a big plus.


I can help you with this project . I have taken a lot of “ideas” from concept through prototyping into production. I can offer custom PCB solutions as well as small (< 500) production runs. The only down side it that despite have a good USA based client list I live in and work from France.

If you think this is not a show stopper them please take a quick look at my website you will see there some of the types of projects I take on and the level of support and services that I can offer.

Please feel free to contact me at any point if you have any questions or simply just want a chat about your options.

Cheers Pete.

I do designs & reviews like this all the time. I am based near Boston, MA same time zone helps :) You can check out some of my designs here and I think many here in the forum will vouch for me. My wife and I are EEs, she is able to visit sites in person when needed. You can read our Bio's as part of our book here:

PM me if you are interested. Robert/Crossroads