Paid LED / IR remote consultancy gig

Hello everyone!

I am looking to hire someone write code for a small project I am working on. I would like to control two separate LED strips with one IR remote. There are 4 main functions I would like the user to be able to perform with the remote.

1. Power on/off both LED strips with one button.
- Ideally a standard color combo would be the startup when you power on every time.

2. Specific color selection for each of the strips
- User first selects one of two buttons that says whether they want to change the color of strip 1
or strip 2.
- User can select one of 15 preset color buttons that will change ONLY the color of the strip
defined in the previous step.

3. Brightness adjustment
- User can use two buttons to turn the brightness of both strips up or down

4. Pattern selection
- This is more of a desire, and I am looking for advice on the feasibility and added cost that this
feature would create.
- The user can select 1 of 6 different pattern buttons that would apply to the active color presets.
1. Strip-1: Solid color. Strip-2: Solid color.
2. Strip-1: Solid color. Strip-2: One color fading brightness.
3. Strip-1: One color fading brightness. Strip-2: Solid color
4. Strip-1: Solid color. Strip-2: Fading through full RGB spectrum
5. Strip-1: Fading through full RGB spectrum. Strip-2: Solid color.
6. Strip-1: Fading through full RGB spectrum. Strip-2: Fading through full RGB spectrum.

I have the hardware already setup so I can test the code right away. Here is a list of the hardware I am currently using.

  • Arduino nano (can change if necessary)
  • SMD5050 RGB 12V light strips (x2)
    • Strip-1 has 20 LED's
    • Strip-2 has 45 LED's
  • 12V 3A DC Power supply
  • IRF540N MOSFET (x6)
  • 44 Key IR remote and 3 pin receiver

Please message me if you feel like you can take on this job or would like more details. I am looking for someone who is confident in their ability to complete this project in a timely manner, and I am willing to pay accordingly.

Thank you!

What is your budget?

I am looking to keep it beneath $500. I would like to flush out the details and requirements / checkpoints before I settle on a price however.

That's not hard.

The LED strips might have to go though. 12V logic is... hard to manage. Have you considered NeoPixel?

EDIT - If you used NeoPixel I could build one of these things in a week* for a hundred bucks.

*not including parts shipping

EDIT - Maybe not a week. But still, NeoPixel would make this much easier.

please message me, I do not have my DM permissions yet

Hi @Kylem21

I wrote a tutorial for almost an identical project as what you are asking for.

Because both the WS2812 and IR need strict timing, you will need 2 nanos, one for each. My tutorial explains it all.

If you enjoy it, please thumbs up :wink:

I hope this helps

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