Parallax Thermal Sensor. Buggy

I've been attempting to hook up the MLX90614 Infrared Thermometer Module from parallax to the Arduino for some time now with absolutely no success. I've seen a lot of people using the NewSoftSerial library to send the proper signals to the sensor but after investigating the signals through an oscilloscope found that the signals don't match because PBasic sends a 1110 bit inbetween each signal while Arduino only sends a 10. A finally was able to match the Pic chip SEROUT command with the Arduino but it still does not work. Any idea as to why would be GREATLY appreciated.

Do you have oscilloscope pics? Can you explain '1110' v. '10' better?

I do have the pictures however I'm going to sound like a complete idiot here... How do you put pictures in the Forum posts I'm fairly new to forums. Also sorry about not explaining more. The Pic Chip I'm using off of a common boe bot sends lets say the byte 0 so 00000000 than a next byte signal of 1110 and that the next signal of lets say 10, 01010000 and than 1110 and so on and so on. Also an important note the Pic Chip sends signals in a least significant bit fashion hence why 10 = 01010000. While the Arduino will send the same 0=00000000 and 10 = 01010000 in between rather than sending a 1110 the Arduino sends a 10