Peltier Device, and Motor Driver

Hey guys, Im new to arduino, I was wondering how I would control this Peltier Device with this Motor Driver. I'm looking at the schematics but the concept is still hazy to me.

Peltier is required to heat/cool only a 25mL sample.

I want to know how to set up the driver on the breadboard.

That motor driver would probably work for that particular Peltier module, but you are taking a risk as the current drawn will be near the maximum for the motor driver.

That is a pretty wimpy Peltier module and won't move much heat. The most common ones are rated at around 60-70 watts, and draw 6 amperes or so at 12 V, and cost about the same.

You will need a separate power supply for the Peltier module. The Arduino 5V output cannot provide the required current. Connect all the grounds together.

I forgot to mention I have a 5V 2A adapter as well.

Anyone have any idea?

That Pololu page has absolutely the best diagrams and pictures. It even shows the device on a breadboard (unfortunately with no wires).

If you can't work it out from that then you need on-site help. Find a local Arduino club and see if they can help you.