php script downloaded not executed

So I want to use a php script to run a command but instead of executing when visited by a web browser it downloads. This may not be a question for this forum but any help is appreciated.

That is not much more informative than "I want to use a 4" MacGregor to do a WhirlyWhatsit but it just does a BlackBoop"

In fact I find it so vague that I can't even think of a suggestion about what is needed for it to be useful.

If the problem is with a Yun program then post your program.


Okay, the php is suposted to execute the shell script '' on the arduino. that script is supposed to take a picture with a camera. The php is: exec("/www/") and its saved as test.php. Im new to php so i may have done something wrong but when i go to /test.php it downloads the file.

sounds like php is not executing, have you done this ...

yes i did but ill try again

That fixed it thanks!!!