Pin configuration of encoder to connect it with Arduino

I am working on speed control of dc motor. I am using dc motor and an encoder. I couldn't find datasheet about the product. The motor I am using is an old one which was already available in lab. The specs of motor written on it is dc motor with encoder GM14902D347 30.3VDC 19.7 1 Ratio 500cpr. Can somebody please help me about pin configuration of encoder of this motor.

I can't even see the pins from here, let alone see what they are connected to.

Did you not try a Google search for the part number?

The gearbox is on the top. The motor is in the middle (should have two wires for the 30.3V supply). The encoder is on the bottom.

The connector has 9 pins, of which 6 are used. I think the Purple and Grey wires are power to the motor. I can see Red, Blue, Yellow, and possibly Black wires going to the encoder. My first guess would be Red=+5V, Black = GND, Blue and Yellow are the quadrature signals.

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Thanks for response. the four wires coming out of encoder are white, yellow, red and blue. the one encoder I have doesn't have black wire.

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