Ping Sensor->Max/MSP -> Ableton

I saw a tutorial of how to connect the Ping sensor to the arduino here:

I've been working with my wii remote and the built in camera within the wii remote to track infrared light, and thus control ableton live.However, I'm a little unclear on part C of the tutorial. I'm not sure how to send the control data along a virtual MIDI path and get my PING data into ableton.

Also what would the settings have to be in Ableton? I know when working with the wii remote, in preferences under the MIDI sync tab track and remote should be turned on for the midi port im using. What other prefernces should be altered to allow me to control a beat in ableton?

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me... :-[ essentially I have worked this out in my head. My apologies for the quick rambling before. Overall I guess what I need to do is:

1) Convert my ping ultrasonic sensor data into MIDI data 2) Use the Midi Out object in Max/MSP to send midi to ableton live 3) Set up Live so that it receives the data from Max

hey - out of interest did you manage to get any successful results? I have hit a similar problem to what you have described and was wondering if there was a workable solution.