PinOut error diagram for SPI pins on Arduino DUE

By checking where the Arduino DUE SPI pins are located on the pinout scheme I found these errors or presumed to be such for me:

  1. It is indicated on the double Digital pins D50-D53 as SPI but this does not appear in the wiring diagram.

  2. The labels on the SPI pins on the SPI connector are also wrong and precisely all three are reversed.


the correct sequence is this:
2: VCC
3: SCK PA27

PS: why change the name from MISO to CIPO and MOSI to COPI? Create a nice mess.

Thanks for reporting this @tistructor! The people at Arduino who are able to fix these errors probably don't monitor the forum closely. There are two effective ways to bring the issue to their attention:

It is explained here:

and previously discussed by the forum community here:

These folks should get together:

"Standards organization MIPI has selected the terms “controller/target” as replacement in the case of the I2C and I3C bus that is used on many NXP products.
When there is no clear context or the context is defined by NXP, the replacements terms “leader/follower” have been selected as the default choice."

I personally don't believe removing words from our language will change the problem(s) we face as a society. Perhaps its even detrimental as folks might actually think they are accomplishing something.

I have submitted the ticket but they have replied that the documentation is correct.
Maybe I'm wrong in checking the schematic pins.
Can anyone do a check?

I agree.

The Master\Slave terms originated in ancient Greece I believe, so why is it so important to remove them now ?

If we start removing words from out language that someone somewhere finds offensive, pretty soon there will be few words left.

I believe with the internet the fringe groups have too much say in what happens.

With the World apparently going non-gender specific, how long will it be before referring to connectors as 'male' and 'female' will be considered offensive ?

I checked and you are correct in your conclusions about the pinout .

Thanks so much for your perseverance in reporting this error:

Agreed. It can be compared against other diagrams, like this Uno pinout (also from Arduino)

(also, for the 6pin connector, they have both CIPO and MOSI on pin 1, so ONE of those is surely wrong!)

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