Pixart/WiiMote Camera.. alternate hookup?

Hey guys.. another item in the "gonna hook to the Arduino soon" bin I have is a broken WiiMote.. well, once I stripped it down, I discovered it was just a broken trace on the board.. but no loss, kids already bought a new one so I got a cool toy for the bin (like many, my kids provide me with plenty of broken, abused toys for me to abuse in turn).

I came across this VERY interesting blog entry:


In short, the project is pretty standard... except for the hardware. It seems that if you feed a Wii remote camera a clock signal (minor mod) you can access ALL the I2C devices on the remote.. via I2C!!! He came up with a way to access all those toys without desoldering the sensor and all that, which is awesome. It will really open the usage of the camera component if the desoldering and such isn't needed. Seems too good to be true, but go ahead read his stuff, looks to be working... and begs the question.. is the bluetooth I2C controlled and does that also work? That's one cheap set of peripherals, including bluetooth, if this can work THAT easily..

Now, he uses a 24Mhz external crystal oscillator as his clock source.

Other than needing to rework timing, is there any reason that you couldn't use a 16Mhz clock signal instead... like the one we have sitting right there on the Arduino?

Interesting blog... and I think I may try this. I can't see how feeding a lower clock rate would hurt any of the hardware, the worst problem would only be it not working...

Very nice.

I would have thought that anything other than a 24Mhz crystal is a no as the camera will need it to talk to the i2c bus properly. They're not expensive as parts go. ;)

Darn, closest I have is 25Mhz crystals... Well I don't have a wii-remote to play with either :P