PJON - ATtiny45/85, ATmega88/168/328/1280/2560 one wire opensource bus system

Hi there, I started working years ago with digital data communication with Arduino, and I would share with you the new standard I am developing for myself and the Arduino community.

I really always wanted to free myself from 1-Wire, i2c and Serial where possible and use a simple and efficient multimaster communication protocol made by few understandable lines.

I Started 3 years ago working on the PJON Standard:

Where I defined all the protocol rules and procedures

Then I wrote an Arduino compatible implementation of the PJON Standard, called PJON on github:

It now supports ATtiny45/85, ATmega88/168/328/1280/2560 and I am working to add raspberryPI and ESP8266 to the list.

More recently I wrote a ASK/OOSK radio implementation of the PJON standard called PJON_ASK that supports a mesh network of 255 devices using 3$ tx/rx radio transceiver kits (315/433 Mhz) but should work also with others becaused is based on simple channel oversampling:

All this tools are made to be applied in the field of Internet of Things and to ease the device networking to the Arduino community, because I think the future of our experimentations will go in this direction.

Here you can see a user application example of PJON working beautifully: