Poor mans fruit machine

This is my first Arduino based project. Maybe it's not the most unique project to work with but I have always wanted to own a real fruit machine. This was the cheapest way to get one :wink:

Main goal was to build complete machine but not spend too much money to make it work, so I tried to use as much recycled parts as possible. At least bottle caps works quite nice as buttons or what you think?

The machine has simple opto-coin mechanism which excludes all other coins than 0,20€, servo controlled hopper and three stepper-motor controlled reels.

Most of the tech and code is based on Arduinos learning material so I didn't have to reinvent the wheel at any phase of the project.

I'm happy to tell more in case someone got interested.

Here's a little video showing some gameplay action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d09m954jtMg

Nice job!

Was the "bouncing" of the reels coded in?

I had to look up "fruit machine" - here in the States they are known as "slot machines" (and mechanical ones are rapidly being phased out).

@robtillaart: Thank you!

@cr0sh: "Bouncing" is not coded. I think it's inevitable effect of stopping steppers low powering voltage (only 5V) and step count (24/rev) from full speed. But in my opinion it looks quite cool as reels move like those from old, mechanical slot machines. There were times when I was ready to change those cheap steppers to better ones but then I thought it could ruin the idea of low budget implementation.

For a first project, this is not bad at all.

I would like to know some more about this project:

1) How are you getting the "randomness" to decide what symbols will come up?

2) How many symbols are on each reel?

3) Where did you get those motors?

I am thinking of making an adaptation of your project. If at least 10 symbols can fit on each reel, then maybe your "fruit machine" could become a digital clock. Of course, it could also have some kind of "21" or "hi/lo" game in there, as well.

  1. Arduinos own random-function works quite well when you init random seed using the analog noise. As you may know this costs one analog pin as you have to leave it unconnected but it’s worth it.

  2. There are total of 8 fruits per visible reel, so there’s one fruit located on every third step. I don’t see any problems fitting symbols for example on every second step as you can see from the video.

  3. I bought motors from local dealer in Finland. These are made by AEG and model is SO21/24. Google gives lots of german pages as result when you search it. I know there’s 48 steps version of the same motor available but not sure where to get one except here from Finland and of course from Germany.

Nicely done!

Really nice project! Ceck out my Soda-Pop Machine in the forum that also uses a coin counter.

Congrats again!