Portenta H7 - solid orange Light

Hello, I was using portenta H7 with a breakout board . I ran into a problem where I can not upload anything into the board. I thought of updating boot loader but i couldn't do that also. An orange LED is being lit beside the USB-C port.

How can i solve this problem.

Thank you.

Hi @jayp31. Please provide more details about the problem uploading.

Do you see the serial port of the Portenta listed in the Arduino IDE's Tools > Port menu?

Hi, in0.

When I try to upload , IDE says it can't find the board on the selected port. I tried resetting the portenta with the reset button, but the orange light didn't go away.
Earlier, IDE used to show two ports when I connected portenta : 1) /dev/ttyS0 2) /dev/ttyACM0.
Now, it only shows one port /dev/ttyS0

On the other hand, when I connected my Arduino Mega , I could upload my sketches and it worked perfectly.

So have you used the Board Manager to add the Portenta H7 processor to your list of boards you can choose? Also you need to select your board before trying an upload.

Was your board ever working?

If it was and now is not, disconnect any signals from the board and try again. If still nothing then perhaps what you were doing has damaged your board. For example wiring stuff up to the board when it is powered up is a great way to damage a board.

Hi, Mike.
Yes, I selected the board and the port before uploading my sketch.

I was using this board for 2 weeks. It was working perfectly fine. I didn't do any wiring while the board was powered up.

It could be what is called “infant mortality“ that is where electronic components can fail shortly after they begin to be used. Fail rates quickly drop until end of life when they start rising again. This is called the “bath tub” curve because of its shape.

Also it could be because of static damage while you handled the board.

Although it is certainly possible that the board is damaged, I think it's a bit early to jump to that conclusion.

@jayp31 please try this:

  1. Press and release the reset button on the Portenta H7.
  2. Wait for the green light to come on.
    It does this almost immediately, but you do need to wait for it.
  3. While the green LED is still on (it only stays on for one second so you need to be quick), press and release the reset button again.
  4. You should now see the green LED pulsing, which indicates the bootloader is running.
    If not, repeat the process in case you didn't get the timing quite right.

Were you able to get the board into the pulsing LED state?

If yes, do you now see the port of the Portenta H7 in the Arduino IDE's Tools > Port menu.

If yes, are you now able to upload to the Portenta?

Hello, in0.

I followed the steps you stated but the green light didn't come. It is not responding to the reset button.
When I connect my Arduino Mega it connects to the port(/dev/ttyACM0) and I can upload my sketch.
For portenta the port doesn't show up.

I also find myself in the same condition, orange LED on and the port of the board is not seen in any way, it does not respond to the power button.
It is not recognized even if with the breakout board I enable the boot_sel and boot switches.

This condition occurred after trying to update the bootloader through the sketch from Arduino IDE 2.0, before this all the examples I tried worked correctly.

Some advice?

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