Portenta Vision Shield shared I/O pins

I am trying to get an SPI based EPaper board to work with the Portenta + Vision shield.
I am using the H7 core and SPI1 along with digital pins D2-D5

Having some challenges and wondered if there were any pins on the low density header that were shared with the shield?

One of my symptoms was the red Led flashing with what seems to be a code.

Found out about the flashing red light on this thread.

I found the schematic for the vision shield particularly hard to read, it has stuff crossed out etc, so Massimo pointed me at the pinout docs. I cross checked the pins Vs those on the low density headers, just the I2C pins are shared, D11 and D11.

My trouble turned out to be driver/code related and nothing to do with the shield or SPI.
For more on SPI see Minimal example of SPI for Portenta H7 · Issue #131 · arduino/ArduinoCore-mbed · GitHub

After further experimentation / digging I discovered that as well as these 2 pins, D1 aka PK1 aka PWM5 is also used by the camera code to implement a timer.

Also couple of analogue pins used:
PA4 / A6
PA6 / A7



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