Porting GRBL to DUE

Simple : Will GRBL run "as is" on the DUE or will I have to do a lot of troubleshooting first?

The story:
The UNO/MEGA boards are simply too "light" for what I need to do.
I doubt very much if they can handle a genuine independent 4th axis (if they could then by now they would be) and I need 6 axis and a whole lot of extra computing and variables/constants.

The Issue:
Normal g-code uses Cartesian coordinates and is a simple 1 to 1 on a mill that has standard x,y,z axis.
When you get to multiple jointed robot arms, things change big time.
All of a sudden everything revolves around the end of the previous joint in the arm so now you have to get into Kinematics which is very math intensive (actually scary - I think the whole Greek alphabet can be found somewhere in those formula calculations).

So apart from doubling up on the axis count and the computation requirements that go along with it, you have to start dealing with massive new set of computational requirements constants and variables for each axis.

Apart from the extra memory available, the chip on the DUE is reported to benchmark around 20 times faster than the one in the UNO/MEGA - THAT IS A LOT.

So before I rush out and buy a DUE, I need a little guidance - will GRBL work out the box or will I be debugging from the first time I fire it up?

I know that I have all sorts of things to add to the code to get the Kinematics working and I am OK with that but if I have to run a "translation and debug" on GRBL first, I may have to evaluate the project again.

And to make matters worse, the last time I had anything to do with "C" was in '06 on the PIC products and the experience was NOT GOOD - getting the new program onto the chip was a long and complicated procedure open to errors, even with their fancy and expensive programmer - the Arduino IDE has taken care of that thank heavens...

So will it work first time or should I get a couple of bottles of aspirin?
Thanks in advance for your input.

GRBL is a very complex "off-the-shelf" program. Do not expect people here to be familiar with it. This Forum is aimed at helping people write their own programs.

You are more likely to get advice on a CNC Forum or perhaps on the RepRap Forum.


Simple : Will GRBL run "as is" on the DUE

Yes, Sir.

Have a look at ChiliPeppr: Grbl vs TinyG