Possible to independently use both RESET pins of arduino nano?

I see arduino nano have 2 reset pins, one of the reset pin is connected to my HC05 module via capacitor (i use it for remote sketch upload).

I also have requirement of periodically resetting nano, every 24 hours e.g. Can I connect second RESET pin to any digital io pin to reset programatically? Or are both RESET pins conneceted internally and using it to reset with above 2 different approaches will it interfere with each other?

Just curious, why do you need/want to do this?


Due to some stability issues with my current program. I am guessing some memory leak making program unstable after few days. Just planning to play safe by auto-rebooting every night.


Let me be the first to say that this is a bad plan to compensate for software deployed with known errors.

If you want help fixing your code, post it here and give as much detail as you can about the entire system.

There are Arduino based systems cranking away without attention for very long periods; it is likely so can yours.


The Nano schematics are freely available online. Go look.

Look at the schematic :wink:
Take out the multimeter and measure :wink:

And there are actually 3 reset pins, the third one is on the ICSP header.

And they are all connected to each other.

You're right!

Obviously they are both the same connection. What's your point?

This is said to be unreliable.

It might.
Alto is correct. If your program is really that terrible - perhaps incorrectly using "String"s, then you should be using the watchdog timer to reboot it.

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