Power saving techniques on barebone

Hi guys. I require some help on power saving techniques on the software part of the code so that battery consumption lasts for atleast 5months . As a power saving technique Iam currently using a library called Jeelib. But I dont think this is the most efficient way of power saving technique. I did have a scan of power saving techniques online by various users. But Iam finding it very hard to implement in on the actual code I have written. Many users talk about using interrupts and timers for power saving modes, but in my code iam not using any interrupts or timers at all. One user mentioned somewhere to shut down ADC. But i require ADC in my code as its a vital part of the program.

The logic of my code is that there is a simple transmitter interfaced with the barebone uno i have built. The transmitter will wake up once every say 10minutues check status and transmit wireless data. What are the sensors being used. Its just basically two plain wires for two different levels. One wire is connected from Analog A3 to digital pin 5. Another wire is connected from A2 to digital pin 4. When both wires are intact transmitter wakes up transmits OK. When we take off one wire say it transmits level 1 cut, level 2 ok, if both cut its wakes transmits failure.

Since we are dealing with ADC here, logic isnt too hard. We are having two if loops for one wire. When wire not cut ADC values within xyz range so enters if loop value xyz transmit OK, once wire get cuts, enter else loop transmits level 1 cut. So yeah somewhere along these lines.

Can you guys help me out on power saving techniques. Thanks a lot..

But i require ADC in my code as its a vital part of the program.

Power it up when you need it. Read the above link.

I have a board that is taking the temperature, humidity and light level every 15 minutes, and writing to an SD card. It has been running for over a year on 3 x AA batteries.

I did have a look at this before as well. Its a really helpful forum but its a lot of informatation to digest at the same time. Basically I need help to know HOW to and most importantly WHERE should I put all the code lines in my code because iam kind of confused in that part.

If I can upload my code, can you help me how to implement some of the steps you have mentioned. I dont want to be spoonfed, but just some guidance on whether Iam putting in the lines in the right part of the code. Thanks