Power Tool Blower Motor Sparks

I hope it's ok posting this here, it is not Arduino related but motor related. I recently bought a new blower, and upon usage even on the lowest speed, significant amount of sparks could be seen from the motor through the vents, as long as the motor is running. In fact, it is so bright that the motor compartment can be seen lit up through the case. I had not attempt to operate it for more than a few seconds under my usage, and no burning smell was encountered.

I'm no motor expert, and I understand that brushed motors will inevitably produce some sparks during operation, and I have come across this post Is it okay to have Sparks inside drill machines? - Home Improvement Stack Exchange, which said it is not uncommon.

But I'm not sure if the excessive amount of sparks seen in my case is normal. I have also uploaded a video showing it video

The service call center is currently closed, and I am hoping to gain some insight before then.

I would take it back. That is not normal (based on 50 years of using power tools). It looks like one brush is malfunctioning and/or not making good contact.

Yes, that’s probably metal-on-metal arcing, normal brush arcing is less intense and blue. It could be
mechanical issue with the brush holder, or failed suppression capacitor.

Don't you just hate it when that happens. Thanks GF and MT.